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Glamis Sand Dunes


Out for a ride on the quad!

The Glamis Sand Dunes are the most popular off-road destination in Southern California. Hundreds of thousands of visitors arrive on various holiday weekends, often grouping in popular areas during specific times of the day, such as Oldsmobile Hill in the afternoon and Gecko Road in the afternoon. The BLM estimates that over 1.4 million visitors come to these sand dunes each year for day-use riding or to camp over weekends and ride in the dunes.

The Glamis Sand Dunes are located southeast of the Salton Sea in the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area southeast of the Salton Sea. The recreation area is 44 miles long by 6 miles wide which extends along a northwest by southeast line that follows the prevailing winds.

The Dunes are a wildnerness area and with the exception of the All American canal which cuts through it, is devoid of structures. The lands are managed by the BLM and are the largest mass of sand dunes in California. Off Road Vehicles are permitted on some sections of the dunes, while other areas are closed. A camping permit is required and is provide d with your rental.

Gordons Well Sand Dunes

San Diego RV Rental - Gordons Well

Arrive at your site with the toys

Gordons Well is located in Imperial County, California 10.5 miles southwest of Ogilby, at an elevation of 154 feet. Famous for it's sand dunes, it is easily accessed just off Interstate 8. Take the Gordons Well exit off of I-8.  Go north.  At "T", turn right and drive over the canal.

Buttercup Sand Dunes


Hanging out!

To reach the Butter Cup Sand Dune Campground take I-8 to the Grays Well exit. The Buttercup campground is south of the highway, to the left.

The 2016 2nd Annual Hip Hop Health & Wellness 5K Event

hiphoppngIt’s that time of year again.  It is time for the annual Hip Hop & Wellness 5K.  This event will consist of a  combination of a few things:  Art, community and fitness.  The southeastern neighbors will be able to  walk or run within in their neighborhood in an effort to show their support, along with an opportunity to display their  concern for health, solidarity and innovative thought.

The event is scheduled to take place on Sunday, October 30, 2016 at 7:00 am until 11:00 am at the Educational Cultural Complex at San Pasqual Street, Ocean View Boulevard, 47th Street,  Imperial Avenue, Euclid Avenue and Logan Avenue.

1,500 anticipated attendees are expected and 50 participants. The event is hosted by the Blue Heart Foundation.

Additional details are posted at and  

It’s Time For The Esprit De She Triathlon (Sprint & Super Sprint)

san diego special eventsThe Esprit De She Triathlon (Sprint & Super Sprint) will take place on Sunday, October 16th , 2016 from 6:00 am until 11:00 am. Hosted by Lifetime Fitness, the purpose of the event is so that women can compete against each other. Each of the participants has the ability to decide between either a Spring Course, a Super Spring Course, or a Duathlon. You may come out and watch as a spectator or you can get registered as a participant

The event  will take place in conjunction with the “Esprit De She Expo”

The event will take place at the  East Mission Bay Park: South Shores & Fiesta Island.

Approximately 900 guests are expected to attend.   50 of them will be participants.

Learn more about the event by visiting

Beware of the Haunted Trail of Balboa Park

haunted-trailWe’ve all been to the house of horrors, but the Haunted Trail of Balboa Park doesn’t even compare. It you like really scary things, creepy stuff and the fear of the unknown, you should check out what’s happening at 6th Avenue and Juniper Street  in San Diego from the 30th of September through the 31st of October.

Just imagine the scary stuff you might encounter in the trail that’s a mile long with old, gnarled oaks and creepy, dark pines. If you keep your wits about you, you just might make it through the gauntlet of spooky characters like Jason or Freddy K. who may be wielding chainsaws.

Beware, the park isn’t for those afraid of the dark or kids under 10. This scary park event is open every evening by 7 pm and a few nights as early as 6:30 pm.


Read more by visiting and

Tickets Are on Sale Now for the San Diego Padres Vs. Arizona D-B

sd-padresThe baseball season is in full swing now, and you don’t want to miss a single game during the last of the season. For all you sports fans out there, baseball tickets are going fast for the San Diego Padres Vs. Arizona D-Backs. Get your tickets for the next three games scheduled for September 19, 20 and the 21st.


All three games will be taking place at the PETCO Park located in San Diego at 100 Park Blvd. Monday and Tuesday’s games start promptly at 7:10 pm and Wednesday’s game begins at 6:10 pm. Ticket prices range from $15.50 to $64.00.


We’re expecting good crowds, so book your tickets now, and get ready for three exciting games with two great teams, hot dogs, popcorn and pretzels.


More details at and

Kids Bowl Free in the Jr. Kingpin Club

tavernSummer is here and the kids are out of school. Now, what to do with the kids? How about a little free entertainment on the East Village Tavern+Bowl at 930 Market St. in San Diego? Yes, that’s right; it’s free when they become a Jr. Member of the Kingpin Club.

Membership entitles them to one game each day for free now through the 31st of August from opening till 4 pm. The game is free, but if they need shoes there is a $4 rental fee. Qualifying kids should be 14 or younger.

Membership also applies to other locations at Eastlake, North County and Costa Mesa. Kids can learn a new hobby, meet new friends and have fun the rest of the summer.

To read more details, please visit and  

The 2016 Del Mar Racing Series Is Open for Business

del marMark your calendars. The 2016 Del Mar Racing Series is open for business now through the 5th of September. Everyone knows how respected Del Mar is for racing some of the best thoroughbreds each year, and you’re invited. Post times start on Fridays at 2 and 4 pm. August 26th and September 2nd post times begin at 3:30 pm. The gates are open to visitors at least two hours or more before post time.

We have a number of ticket admission choices, but many visitors prefer clubhouse admission, which runs just $10 per person. Kids are welcome, but they must be with a guardian or parent. The Stretch Run is free to active military people and any dependents.

Come join the fun and races at the fairgrounds in Del Mar located at 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd.

Additional information is posted at and


Check Out the Newest 5K Walk/Run in Bonita, California

sendmeCome and join our very first 5K walk/run in Bonita, California at Rohr Park. The Send Me Foundation is working with FAN to help families that are underprivileged and have children who have special needs. By joining our 5K run you’ll be helping to provide important services and support to these families.

Miles for Smiles Send Me Foundation 5K Walk/Run

The 5K takes place from 8 am to 11 am. Bring your co-workers, family or compete against your own team mates for a fun, challenging and entertaining day.

Check in time starts at 6:30 where you’ll be assigned your number and receive your t-shirt. Runners and walkers should meet at 4548 Sweetwater Rd, on Saturday the 30th of July where you’ll compete for fun and test your skills.

Those interested to buy tickets can do so by CLICKING THIS LINK. More details are posted at

Parkinson’s Association Golf Tournament: Golf for a Good Cause

parkinsonThe Parkinson’s Association presents the Rick Bridges Golf Tournament to help educate the public and raise needed funds for Parkinson’s sufferers in the local community and surrounding areas.


The event is being held on Thursday, July 21, 2016, between the hours of 11 am and 7 pm.

The address is:

Twin Oaks Golf Course

1425 North Twin Oaks Valley Road

San Marcos, Ca.  92069


Participants can look forward to games, food, a silent auction, and prizes at this all day event. Almost all of the proceeds from the tournament will go to the Parkinson’s Association for research and public education. However, some proceeds will also go to fund services and programs that help the local citizens that suffer from Parkinson’s.

For ticket purchase, kindly CLICK HERE. Additional details are posted at

Come Join the Championship Races for Outrigger Canoes

kaiSCORA is looking for all members ready to test their endurance and skills in this year’s Kai Elua Outrigger Canoe Iron Championships to be held on the 25th of June. This event is all about having a good time and promoting paddling in outrigger canoes through recreational programs and races for youth and adults.

This long-distance race takes place in Mission Bay, San Diego at Mariner’s Point. The race starts at 7 am sharp and finishes up at 6 pm.

We’re looking forward to an exciting race and hope to have as many as 1,000 folks participating in the June race and at least 1,200 visitors ready to cheer you on to victory. Whether you’re new to canoe races or just want to enjoy this competitive event, we would love to have you join us!


Read more by visiting and

Glamis Rentals
RV Rental Extras!

RV Camping Features

* Color TV
* DVD player
* Complete Kitchen pkg
* Set of Dishes (6)
* Eating Utensils (6)
* Pots/Pans (3)
* Coffee Pot * Coffee Cups
* Dish Soap / Sponge
* Paper Towels
* Toilet Paper
* Cleaning Supplies
* Trash Can * Trash Bags
* Broom / Dustpan
* Spatula, Tongs
* Can Opener
* Matches
* On-board generators
* Unlimited use for Salem
* Trailers

Camping Permit Info
A permit is required to camp which is available at local stores, or they can be purchased online at:Glamis Permit.

Camping Fees:

Off-Site Permit
Season - $150 - Valid Oct 1-Apr 15 Annually

Weekly -$35 - Valid 7 Consecutive Days

On-Site Permit
Season - $150 - Valid Oct 1-Apr 15 Annually

Weekly -$50 - Valid 7 Consecutive Days
GPS Settings – Glamis
Glamis Store
N 32 59.76 W 115 04.37

Buttercup Competition Hill
N 32 43.82 W 114 52.86

Gecko Road Campground
N 32 56.49 W 115 08.40

Always carry a GPS with you on the dunes. You may be able to see for miles, but coordinating your location on a sand dune is hard to do visually!
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